About Me – Long

I started this site years ago. Like most I neglected it but I can’t bring myself to get rid of it. I revive it often. Sometimes dabble on my own domain(s) but am in the process of restructuring my life which includes the off-lining my web host and personal domains.

I grew up fascinated with computers but too poor to own one. Every chance I got at school to use one I would take it. Family friends would refresh their systems and I’d get their old systems. Sometimes working, sometimes not. So I would part systems to make one working system. And so I learned and it all was downhill from there.

Technology has always excited me. Even today. I absolutely love it. In 2003 I was 19 and started my first “real” job with computers. Of course I had been working on my family’s computers for almost 7 years at that point. I got my first exposure to a business environment and all that entailed. I started as a computer tech for a small non-profit supporting the end users and their systems moving up quickly becoming responsible for over 100 end users and their peripherals. There were 2 primary sites with 6 remote locations. I became responsible for all the sites and their systems. Refreshing hardware making recommendations for future purchases and being the eyes and ears for the higher level admins. I spent 3 years with that company and realized I needed a change of pace.

I put my resume out there and was quickly picked up for a call center/help desk position that was responsible for supporting the USPS (yes the postal system). I learned a lot. Amazing Active Directory environment, still to this day probably the most amazing I have seen. How I would love to meet the architects of that environment. For me it was a short contract but I loved that job. A different person every call and it became a goal to exceed First Call Resolution SLA and another personal goal to have quick call times. I think I had received calls from every state (Hawaii my most favorite) and Puerto Rico.

When I left that job it was time for me to be my own boss. I had always done support on the side as time allowed but I decided to go full-time! I picked up more time with my current customers and by word of mouth I became busy enough to actually support myself!

By the end of 2006 I had reconnected with someone I had met almost 3 years earlier and was offered a contract position doing XHTML/CSS. It was an amazing opportunity, continued to learn a lot. To this day I still love to geek out with XHTML/CSS.  Sometimes often wish the opportunity would allow itself for me to dabble in more.  I never was interested in Flash, always a goal to make a site accessible in any browser on any platform.  By Mid-2006, a full-time position was offered and I had to decline for personal choices.  Shortly after, I had received a number of calls from local contacts asking if I was available to support another local non-profit.  I was interested, so I went to talk to the CEO and the HR manager.  The business had an angry admin who on his way out formatted his workstation, which included all documentation and a few passwords!

There were a lot of unknowns, it was exciting, and I ran the show!

Let me back it up ~30 days.  After coming home from Chicago doing my XHTML/CSS contract, I had been introduced to a past colleague of an Uncle.  His old colleague had an open Sys Admin I position and I interviewed for it.  WORST INTERVIEW OF MY LIFE!  VERY nerve racking.  After the first interview, I was expecting a “Thanks but, no Thanks” type reply.  Amazingly, I was offered a 2nd interview with the rest of the team.  It was worse than the first!  Compounded by the fact that the night before was flash flooding which put 6″ of standing water in my bedroom and took out a lot of my computer hardware.  I knew for certain I didn’t get the job!

So when I was called to support the local non-profit, I took it.  I had no idea what they had, nor did they know what they had, but it was a mess.  Servers with no credentials, exchange server running out of room, DNS/DHCP misconfigured, desktops out of hard drive space, outdated operating systems, hardware, software, etc…First time in my life I worked 80 hour weeks!!  I loved it!

Anyways, I got a call that changed my life (little did I know at the time).  I was offered the job I had interviewed for a month earlier.  I accepted a Systems Administrator I position with the University of the Pacific on their Stockton campus.  It was contingent on a 90-day probation, and in the academia world that was ~6 months.  I’ve been here since September 2007, so I must have done something right.

I was originally hired to be a Windows systems administrator, but my role has evolved  absorbing many systems and I absolutely love it.   It’s been an incredible experience.  I am using and administering technology that I honestly didn’t know existed 3 years ago, it’s been a steep learning curve going from small-town-USA to an enterprise environment with almost one of everything.  In some regards, it was a sink or swim mentality, and I’d like to think I swam just fine!  In 2008 I obtained 3 Server 2008 Certifications.  Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Configuration, Windows Server 2008 Network Infrastructure Configuration, and Windows Server 2008 Applications Infrastructure Configuration.  2009 I had planned on completing the necessary prerequisites to obtain my MCITP Server 2008, but my boss had other intentions.  So early 2010 I was sent to Data OnTap Fundamentals course and a few months later sent to Data OnTap Bootcamp.  I successfully passed my 153 exam, still need to take the 163 exam to get my NCDA certification.  The fiscal year ran out, so I was unable to finish my MCITP.

Technology excites me.  I get giddy going to work with all the stuff I get to play with…I use the word play, because sometimes it is like a fat kid in a candy store!  I still have my day-to-day responsibilities and don’t get to “play” as much as I’d like, but I get to play enough.

That’s the technology in a nutshell…

Outside of computers, I have had a HUGE passion for GM Muscle cars.  I grew up around cars, and as I grew older and started to make money, I’ve had the opportunity purchase a few and I have enjoyed them all.  Which is where my name (basketcase) comes from.  It started with a car I purchased in boxes and pictures from the previous owner so I would have some clue how to reassemble it. I’ve gone through 3 more cars since, but the name has stuck even though the cars have changed.  The cars owned were a pair of G-body Malibu’s a pair of Nova’s, and a 2002 C5 Corvette Z06 (recently sold).  Today I’m driving a 2007 Trailblazer SS.  The goal is to have a limited-street, stock-suspended Nova…


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